Our Approach

It seems that EVERYBODY is an editor or publisher today.  With the advent of Print on Demand technology and Digital publishing almost anyone can claim to be.  Now more than ever it is important that excellence and professionalism be employed in the process.  We at The Self Published Authors Network (SPAN) are dedicated and devoted to making sure you have the best possible Book at a reasonable and fair price.  Our system is designed to empower you to not only get your book published but also Promoted and Profitable.  Our array of services is fully Focused on Your Book, Your Brand and Your Business

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is where we talk about ours. SPAN has published over 50 authors and helped leverage most of them to an Amazon Bestselling Ranking.  Using our Unique HOST writing system, many first time author have been able to complete their entire book in only a weekend.  We are committed to making sure that you the current and would be author get all the tools and techniques necesssary to publish a book you can be proud of as well and use our services to promote and profit from your book

Meet the Mastermind

Johnny Macknificent Mack has personally published 15 books and has helped over 50 other authors Finish and Publish their books.    Once you connect with Johnny you will understand why SPAN is the Plan to get your Book Published-Promoted and Profitable!


Johnny "MACKnificent" Mack

Founder & CEO

Mr. Mack has written and published 15 books and has been instrumental in launching 40 plus first time authors.  He has an Associates degree in Accounting from Skadron College and a BS in Business Administration from California Baptist College.

Next Steps...

If you are an author looking to expand and develop your Brand or a soon to be author looking for the right team to work with to market and make your book a best seller, contact our team now and get your FREE personal 15 consultation to see if we are the right fit for each other.