Get your SWAG on

SWAG is tossed about today as if it is some skillset that can be developed.  In truth, SWAG is a style, an attitude, in short it is how you dom what you do with your own special flavor.  A writer needs to have his own SWAG.  Here we mean Start With A Goal.  A goal gives you direction and inspiration.  When you know where you’re going and have a road map to get there, then THERE is a easily reached.

Your goal as an author is to create a clear, concise and creative manuscript that express exactly what you are trying to say.  Your SWAG should state your purpose and a timeline to achieving it.  It should also be a statement of purpose.  In other words it should reiterate to you why you are desiring and willing to take on the task.

Develop SWAG today and watch your book project take on a life of it’s own.  Writers block and other negative results occur when you attempt to create a product with no real definite goal in mind.  If you think it’s a good idea to write a book, you will fast find obstacles and roadblocks in your way.  If instead you Start With A Goal, you will see it done in a timely and controlled manner.  Get your SWAG on!

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