The B.O.S.S. Package

Are you ready to become a published author?  Our BOSS Package will help you go from No Book to being a Best selling Author in as little as 1 week.  Our services are unique in that we give all control and autonomy to you the client.  Our BOSS Package is ideal for the first time author that wants to get published and is still working with a limited budget.

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ABS Package

There are many ways to become a Published author.  SPAN has discovered a simple and effective way for the average author to become not only published but also a best seller as well. Our simple system is designed to publish a high quality book at a fair price and leverage the system so that you are recognized and supported as an Amazon Best Selling Author

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Your Brand-Your Book-YourBusiness

If just publishing a book was all it took everyone would be doing it.  Our complete Package uses a threefold approach to build your Book, Your Brand and your Business.  When all three pieces work together the end result is to Publish, promote and Profit..

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Your Book -Your Brand -Your Business


If you are honest with yourself you have a book inside just aching for an opportunity to get out and express itself. Everything from life's experiences to special insights...there is a book waiting to be published.

SPAN knows that each person is different and each author is different. That is why we offer packages for the Brand you are trying to craft.the book you are trying to publish and the business you are trying to build. Each component is unique and different as are each individual person we work with to craft a unique Best selling book.


SPAN takes you by the hand and determines what is the best course of action for you to take on your journey to publishing success. We know your Brand is as important as any aspect of your Book.  Yet your Book must be crafted and formatted in such a way that it demands readership.Finally your Business details must be in line and on point or you will not profit properly.  Let us expand your Brand, Publish your book and help you to build your Business

Your Book is your Brand is Your Business

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SPAN has been working with first time and existing authors for over five years.  We have discovered some simple yet effective tools to leverage content to best seller status.  Our affordable and actionable processes allow you to crate and offer a stunning book that is every bit as attractive and authentic as any on the market today.

The CEO Johnny Mack have over 15 bestselling books published and to date the company has helped almost fifty authors get published and become best sellers.



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