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You too can get your story published and start changing lives Now.

If you’re an Aspiring Author ready to get published and yet you still struggle with the mystery of becoming a published author of your amazing and unique story, then you need to see if you can be selected to be one of

SPAN’s Self Published Authors Now

 The Self Published Authors Network’s next venture…


Get your story published and start changing lives!!

Discover how you can get your story included in this amazing collaborative work with 10 individuals that have survived staggering setbacks and still not only survived but also thrived.


Use our proven Best Selling Model that has launched hundreds of Aspiring Authors to Publishing success.


Finally the Mystery of Publishing your story has been solved..

  • Even if you haven’t written one word
  • Even if your grammar is bad and your spelling is worse
  • Even if your finances are low
  • Even if you don’t know the first thing about publishing a book
  • Even if you don’t believe you can be a best selling author
  • Benefit from the leverage of others
  • Piggyback off of the Proven SPAN Model
  • Become the hunted, no longer the hunter
  • Partner with proven professionals
  • Get more PAID Speaking engagements
  • Become a recognized Authority in your field
  • Stop leaving Money in the back of the room
  • Improve and Expand your Brand
  • Learn the business end of publishing

Here’s great news if you want to get your story published and don’t quite know how.


Remember Albert Einstein said:

“If you do the same thing an expect a different result THAT is Insanity”

Stop the insanity Get published NOW!


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