Talk to Text

Technology has improved almost everything.  An area that I am most pleased with is in the category involving the process of content development.  You see one of the most arduous tasks of the writing experience has to do with the actual writing itself.  Arms and fingers get tired and ultimately sleep creeps in and shuts down the entire process.  Recent innovation and improvement in the Talk to Text field have lead to remarkable advances.  You can know dictate whole passages and chapters on your phone or  tablet.  This incredible technology is almost 95% accurate,  I have been able to create entire books using software like Dragon Anywhere and  Google Docs.  This wonderful technology is freeing up more time to promote and publish.

Imagine just talking into one of these devices and your entire manuscript is complete.  This cuts the content development time down to hours, instead of days or weeks.  Once you become proficient at utilizing this technology , you can churn out high quality ebooks and print books overnight.  The small investment required to use this software is well worth it.  I have been able to shave days, weeks and even months off of my writing projects.  as a published and HOST Writer I am able to delivery high quality great content FAST.  Look into these low cost innovations, I promise you will not know to exist without them.

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